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1WO Media Token

1WO Media Token is a digital asset that can be used for running advertisement campaigns with variety of agencies (full list see below). We are revolutionizing online media with blockchain technology and incentives for audience engagement.

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Get an opportunity to increase your metrics with 1WO Media Token

For Publishers

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Publishers use 1WO Media Tokens based on the following motivation and principles:

  • Sell remnant inventory for tokens
  • Enable readers to earn and spend tokens, thus drastically increasing retention rates
  • Provide an option to allow 10% of Ads revenue received via 1WO ecosystem go to readers as user rewards

Loyalty Program Widgets

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Program provides:

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For Advertisers

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Buy tokens to reduce your budget.

  • Get discounts for using 1WO Tokens (versus cash or other equivalents)
  • Have access to 1WO ecosystem network of websites (clusters) supporting 1WO partners widgets
  • Have the ability to ask questions, receive feedback during the campaign
  • Have the ability to profile their audience thus increasing targeting efficiency

Engagement Tools and Advertising

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Contact our local partners to start working with 1World Media Token:

Creatores agency

Creatores Agency is a Customer Intelligence Platform. It provides services to the entire web publishing industry. We gather insights about customer needs, motivations, and behaviours by analyzing detailed customer data from internal and external sources. Our goal is to maximize the engagement metrics on your website. If you run a company, our customers' insights will give you a better understanding of the customer's profile and increase the effectiveness of audience monetization. Creatores Agency provides editors and journalists with access to timely news content so they can more effectively target their stories and enhance reader relationships.

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Asia Innovations Space
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Global finance
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